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Co-author of three large World Bank publications 2006-2008

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             The World Bank, 2008                                       The World Bank, 2006                                     The World Bank, 2008

Global Environment Facility (GEF) Project Designs

Between 2003 and 2009, I was responsible for the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Project designs -- under the Operational Program 15:  Sustainable Land Management -- with the World Bank for Madagascar, Mozambique and Mali and with UNDP for Niger. For Madagascar and Mozambique, I designed the project concept, wrote and managed the proposals until sucessful submission. For Niger and Mali project, I assisted the project teams technically until successful submission of the proejcts.

Irrigation Improvement and Watershed Management Project


 GEF Operational Program of Sustainable Land Management (OP15); WB Project ID: P-074086; GEFSEC Project ID: 88887, IDA US$ 30.0 million, GEF US$ 6.0 million. Approved 2007

Zambezi Valley Market-led Smallholder Development Project


GEF Operational Program of Sustainable Land Management (OP15) and Strategic Priority of Adaptation to Climate Change (SPA);WB Project ID: P093165; GEFSEC Project ID: P098040; IDA US$20 million, GEF US$ 6.2 million. Approved 2007

Fostering Agricultural Productivity in Mali


GEF Operational Program 15, Sustainable Land Management, The World Bank, IDA: US$ 145.2 million, GEF Project ID 3377, GEF US$ 8.1 million, Approved 2009

Control of Sand Dune Invasion of the Oasis Microbasins in the Departments of Gouré and Mainé-Soroa


GEF Operational Program of Sustainable Land Management (OP15); UNDP- GEF, Project ID 3381, GEF US$ 2.02 million, Approved 2007

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