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More than 25 years experience in tropical agronomy, agroforestry, natural resources management and participatory approaches in research and development in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Director of Climate-Resilient Farming Systems Program at Cornell University, also

available for Consulting 

PhD in Crop and Soil Sciences from Cornell University and MSc in Agronomy from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ)

New Book out April 18, 2018

50,000 Farmers in 13 Countries - Results from Scaling up the System of Rice Intensification in West Africa

by Erika Styger and Gaoussou Traoré


What I Do

Analytical Studies and Field Research

Extension and Training 

Technical Assistance

For Research and Development: 

  • Project Design

  • Project Implementation 

  • Project Evaluation

Technical Expertise

System of Rice Intensification (SRI) / 
System of Crop Intensification (SCI)


Agrobiodiversity Management

Alternatives to Slash-and-Burn Agriculture

Sustainable Land Management / Watershed Management

(Coming soon)

Get in Touch

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